Clearing Pathways to Leadership, Joy, and Equity in ECE

Join Exchange for an interactive event to uplift the diversity, joy, and leadership within our field. Together we can clear a pathway to more equity, collaboration, and sustained satisfaction in our work as early care and education professionals, advocates, and stakeholders.

Join us to learn and create your plan for action around key challenges and opportunities within our field.

August 9, 2024 from 10 AM – 5 PM Central

Standard, All-Access and Pro members: FREE
Non-members and Free members: $20

Three main topics for this event include:

1. Men in ECE: How to acknowledge the unique challenges of leaders, sustain joy, and build community.

2. Parent & Provider Collaboration: Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative’s Parent Ambassador program empowers care providers to connect, collaborate, and to stand together for key policy shifts that impact early care in Nebraska. Learn how to advocate for change in your local environment from these inspiring leaders.

3. Moving from Inclusion to Community: Perspectives, research, and strategies for thriving children and educators.

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