This video demonstrates the unique dynamics of collaborative efforts between children in inclusive classrooms. Chaislyn and Alyssa spend a full 19 minutes alternately frustrated and somewhat successful at tying each other’s shoes. Here, we study the first five minutes of their interaction. Chaislyn first tries to help tie Alyssa’s shoelace. She makes a nice loop for the bow, but places the end of the second lace through the loop instead of wrapping it around the loop. Convinced that her strategy will work, Chaislyn persists repeatedly. Alyssa recognizes that Chaislyn is using the wrong strategy. The teacher encourages Alyssa to work with Chaislyn. Alyssa remembers that you are supposed to wrap the left lace around the loop instead of passing the left lace directly through the eye of the loop. The girls try this strategy together. Despite their earnest efforts, the girls are not successful, and Alyssa again becomes frustrated.

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