This young boy’s curiosity causes him to pull up to a standing position to see what he can see. As he crawls across the floor, Connor appears to know that he wants to stand, and he recognizes that the shelf on the opposite wall will give him support. He crawls beneath the shelf and holds onto its bottom in order to steady himself as he stands. Something on the shelf captures his interest, and Connor stands on his tippy toes to get a better look. Notice how the teacher reads his intentions as she moves the teddy bear so that Connor can see it without turning away from the shelf he is holding. She then gingerly offers Connor her hand in case he wants to bend down. Later, Connor tries to reseat himself on the floor. However, the rim he holds rises slightly higher than his head, so Connor cannot place his hand on the floor to break his fall without first letting go of the rim. He cries out, and the observant teacher guides him down gently, but not without first allowing Connor to make a few attempts on his own.
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