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Today’s Exchange Every Day
  • July 17, 2024

    Neurodiversity is the future of innovation and progress.
    – Steve Silberman, author and activist

    Dr. Lissarette Nisnevich writes in her blog post, Understanding Autism: Embracing Neurodiversity and Inclusion, “The neurological aspect of autism is all about information processing. Those with autism process sensory information and social cues in a way that is distinct from neurotypical individuals. They are tuned into a different, yet equally valid, frequency. Understanding this helps us to frame our interactions in a more accommodating and empathetic way.”

    In attending a presentation on neurodiversity by Dr. Nisnevich at NAEYC in 2023, one idea she proposed that stuck with me was that neurodiversity is just as important to our world as biodiversity. We cannot grow and advance without variety. We need diversity to survive and thrive.

    Understanding neurodiversity as a natural and welcomed aspect of our world can help reduce the stigma and shame that is often still prominent within families, care environments, and society at large.

    We invite you to share stories, research, and experiences with neurodiversity and sensory sensitive in your work with children and as a leader.

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