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Today’s Exchange Every Day
  • April 11, 2024

    Think about an ideal space that would help you think, be creative, explore a new idea, get some substantial work done, or finish a project.…Don’t children deserve the same conditions for their creative work and learning?
    – Lisa Porter Kuh and Iris Chin Ponte, Complementary Curriculum Approach

    Exchange is celebrating NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child with you! For “Artsy Thursday,” we invite you to experience “The Joys of Our Studio,” a delightful and eye-opening article by art teacher and early educator Sandra Floyd!

    “The studio is a special place in our school, where unique experiences are offered and relationships are grown. I am lucky to be the studio teacher. In collaboration with the children and teachers, the first and foremost goal is to help all of us foster a relationship with the studio space itself. I want these kiddos to know that the studio is a place where magical things happen. Where we get to be in small groups exploring, transforming, investigating, and studying different materials. Through these investigations, I am helping children develop relationships with art materials that they will use for a lifetime of creative expression. I want them to know what paint feels like and how paint moves on different surfaces. I want them to know what clay smells like and explore saturation points. I want them to investigate color and wonder about how colors interact with each other or maybe even what a color would sound like if we could hear it.

    “We all love and value our studio space and experiences. We continually reflect on how we organize and use the studio to enhance our relationships and engage in creative expression.”

    Coming soon! “The Joys of Our Studio” will soon be available as an Exchange Reflections!

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