As an early childhood coach, I have the privilege of working with many teachers across the San Francisco Bay area. I often get excited about projects that evolve as a result of the partnerships children and teachers form with one another. I think the best projects come from small experiments, from using old materials in new ways, and from looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary moments. It takes attentive teachers to see how to use ordinary instances during the school day and transform them into exceptional moments of discovery and innovation. For these sensitive teachers, the quality of their teaching is closely connected to the ability to reflect on their own practice, to listen to the children, to observe closely and to plan for the unexpected. The story of Audrey, a 4-year-old who invented a challenging game by positioning old chairs in new ways, illustrates the brilliancy and resourcefulness of children. But it is in Yuwen sensei’s  reflections that one finds a teacher who is capable of creating the conditions for Audrey and her friends to show how creative, smart and capable they are.

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