Like a viable seed, a connection contains the potential for the beginning of a relationship. And each relationship builds knowledge and soul strength. It is through relationships that we break apart stereotypes, entitlement, fear and greed. RELATIONSHIPS are at the heart of changing the world.

Both a seed and a relationship require proper nourishment to flourish. A seed without sunshine and water remains a seed; a connection without intention and follow-up disappears. Every day is filled with connections that will matter or not, depending on our attention. 

Many of us hunger for intense RELATIONSHIPS that grow through time and last forever, but it turns out that relationships take many forms. Larry Railton (lifelong advocate for young children, member of the Canadian host team for the 2021 World Forum, and dear friend), has been counseling me. He talks about relationships that last the length of a wait in line and others that don’t survive a trauma; relationships that support us through different life stages, and others that last a lifetime. Each relationship adds value to our lives, no matter its lifespan; our work is to explore connections for viable partnerships that match current needs, and then enjoy what they bring into our lives.

Strong and vibrant RELATIONSHIPS are fundamental to creating great work; and the World Forum community is filled with stories of people who experience connections and nurture them into relationships that result in mighty, innovative, world-changing projects. 

Roger and I will be hanging out in Bonnie’s Global Café as we continue our work with the World Forum as Global Impact Engineers. We will be sharing stories of RELATIONSHIPS that have made such as difference in our lives and work, and we invite you to do the same.

We encourage you to visit Bonnie’s Global Café and be part of all the energy, laughter and tears, as stories are shared and hearts are opened. 


Author Bio

Bonnie Neugebauer is founding editor of Exchange magazine and global impact engineer and co-founder of the World Forum Foundation. 

Author, Bonnie Neugebauer

Bonnie and Roger Neugebauer are chefs at the WoFo Global Café, global impact engineers, and founders of the World Forum Foundation and Exchange Press.

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