Social media can be controversial. There is no arguing that people are often torn between supporting it whole-heartedly, or avoiding it altogether. When my own children began school, I wrestled with the idea of their photos being shared publicly and I struggled with the fear of those images being misused. Truly, on behalf of our children, we can (and should) be fiercely protective of their anonymity and their digital footprint. As my son and daughter moved through the grades and I saw how their teachers responsibly used web-based platforms as an effective part of their school program, I was won over by the convenience and seamlessness of it all. I appreciated the glimpses that I got into their life at school and I quickly decided that social media tools, such as Instagram, can be the missing link that builds a strong home-to-school connection. In fact, I have come so far in this personal journey that I would say Instagram adds more value to my own program than any other communication piece.
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