February 8, 2024

Your Strategies for Equity in Action

I believe in the strength of unity, in the power of humanity, bound by common dreams…It is in this unity, this shared belief in each other’s potential, that we can make a world of difference.
—Sakena Yacoobi, Executive Director, Afghan Institute of Learning

From our Editor-in-Chief Binta Dixon:

Early care and education professionals have always been on the leading edge of research and practice in education, and 2024 is no different. As we navigate the complex challenges in our work today, we have a unique opportunity to uplift each other, reinforce our shared values in educating and caring for children, and resist forces that seek to diminish our progress.

We invite you to join Exchange and our partner The CAYL Institute, as we document this historic moment with actionable steps to speak up and take charge of the narrative of early care and education. Each month from February until July 2024, we’re asking you to share your lived experience and strategies for courageous and collaborative action in the face of restrictive policies and political divisiveness. We will collect and compile these responses anonymously to share as a resource with our communities.

Our brief survey for February asks: what strategies have you used to speak up when facing policy changes that impact your practice? For instance:

  • If you are in the classroom, how have you managed an instance when a policy change has directly opposed an activity or project in your classroom?
  • If you are an administrator or other support professional, how have you navigated a policy change that had an impact on your center’s programs?
  • If you are a director, how did you navigate a change in local or state policy that had a direct impact on your center? How did you support your staff through this?
  • If you have a different role in which you faced a challenging policy, we want to hear from you. What did you experience, and what would you share with others in your role?

Please complete the survey by March 1st and watch for a new survey next month. We’ll share the results this Fall.

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