At our final ROW gathering of 2022, we had the pleasure of introducing Duane Dennis, a Baltimore-based leader with a background in social work and psychology, to our ROW community. Dennis is an educator with 25 years’ experience as a direct service provider. He has managed large leadership teams and is an executive coach, with a special interest in systems building and government relations. Additionally, he leads the Race, Equity, and Inclusion committee for the World Forum Foundation. Our offering, “Multiracial Versus Multicultural,” was powerful and impactful, because it allowed us as a ROW community to think about the ways in which we engage as educators and how we discuss racism within our early childhood spaces and amongst our professional peers. We were also able to reflect on our intentions as educators and how we support children, and Black and brown families and their lived experiences. What a night it was, of setting our intentions and learning together in the space we have created.

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