Claire Kamenski

About Claire Kamenski

Claire Kamenski (she/her) is a preschool teacher at the Henry Frost Children's Program in Belmont, Massachusetts. Her studies have taken her from kinesiology, pediatric physical therapy, and finally to early education. After a bachelors of science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she graduated with a master's in teaching at Northeastern University. Over the past 12 years, she has taught in both public and private settings in Oxford, England, and Massachusetts. Over the years, she developed a passion for the Reggio Emilia approach, specifically prioritizing emergent curriculum and teaching as a guide and an observer. Kamenski is a strong advocate for human rights and equity in and out of the classroom. She is committed to continuing to understand her own biases and using her platform of privilege to support Black lives. Every day in the classroom, she hopes to inspire curiosity and joy in all her students.
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