Elsa Chahin

About Elsa Chahin

Elsa Chahin is an in-demand speaker, writer, educator and certified mindfulness meditation teacher who has served as a keynote speaker and presenter at more than 200 national and international conferences and seminars on the topic of caring for babies with respect. She co-authored the book "In Loving Hands" with Anna Tardos (Dr. Emmi Pikler's daughter), and is one of only two certified and accredited Pikler® trainers in North America. In addition, Chahin is president and CEO of Pikler/Lóczy USA, and as a staunch advocate of early childhood education and development, she is a working group leader for World Forum Foundation, an RIE® Associate, and PITC trainer. Dedicating her career to bettering the lives of children everywhere, Chahin not only brings passion and commitment to her work, but also a deep knowledge, coupled with both insight and generosity, to all that she does.
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