Calvin E. Moore, Jr.

About Calvin E. Moore, Jr.

Dr. Calvin E. Moore, Jr. is an accomplished leader in early childhood education and CEO of the Council for Professional Recognition. He is the Council’s first CEO to hold its early education credential, the Child Development Associate® (CDA), and a former member of the Council’s governing board. He is also one of the small group of men who have taught young children and an expert on men in the early childhood classroom. Dr. Moore holds a BS degree in early childhood education, an MS in education, and a Ph.D. in early childhood education. Dr. Moore learned the value of early care and education when he participated in Head Start as a child. He also has vast professional Head Start experience, having served in large and small, urban and rural, center-based and family child care-based programs, as well as programs focused mainly on Hispanic families. Throughout his career, Dr. Moore has held senior roles directing complex federal and state departments that improve outcomes for underserved children and families. Most recently, Dr. Moore was the regional program manager in Atlanta for the Office of Head Start within the Administration for Children and Families for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. His responsibilities included providing oversight, monitoring, training, and technical assistance to over 350 Head Start and Early Head Start grantees with a portfolio of over $1.6 billion. He’s the author of many books, including The Thinking Book Curriculum: For Early Childhood Professionals and Men Do Stay: Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Male Early Childhood Teachers, based on extensive first-hand research. Dr. Moore has received a literary award from AIM and New Light Ministries for his book, Agape Declarations, the Maria Otto Award for Leadership from the National Family Child Care Association, and the Billy McCain, Sr. Memorial Award from the Alabama Head Start Association.


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